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Building rules and regulations

These Rules and Regulations have been approved to guarantee pleasant living conditions for all tenants. Please consider other tenants in your everyday behaviour. These Rules and Regulations also apply to the visitors in the building. Additionally, the Finnish Public Order Act contains provisions that apply to residential buildings.


Entrance doors are unlocked between 7 am and 8 pm as a minimum. When the entrance doors are locked, please make sure they lock properly after you. Any disturbance in the common areas is prohibited. Smoking and loitering in the common facilities is prohibited. To ensure fire safety, storing items is only permitted in dedicated storage rooms. Fire safety instructions must be followed when storing inflammable substances. Clean up (remove any rubbish, used nappies, etc.) after using the common facilities. Rinse any soap and whisk leaves from the sauna. Remove any used nappies and sanitary towels.


Smoking is prohibited in all common facilities of all buildings.

In addition, in separately defined Broad No Smoking buildings, smoking is prohibited in all premises and yard areas of the property (including balconies, terraces and apartment yards), with the exception of the designed smoking area.


Alcohol consumption in the yard that directly or indirectly (as a result of loitering related to alcohol consumption or behaviour resulting from it) inhibits or obstructs the use of the yard for its intended purposes by other tenants is prohibited.


Parking is only permitted in marked parking spaces in the area reserved for this purpose. Only essential service traffic is permitted in the yard. Unnecessary idling of car engines is prohibited. Remove the engine heater cable after use and lock the electrical outlet cover. Each tenant is responsible for removing snow from their own parking space. It is not permitted to repair or wash your car or change the oil in the parking space. Using the electrical outlets for charging electric or hybrid cars is only permitted if agreed upon with the building manager.


Remember to follow waste separation instructions. Household and other waste must be packed and deposited in relevant waste collection containers. All waste must be placed inside the containers. Tenants are responsible for removing any non-household waste. The household waste collection point must be kept tidy.


The dusting of rugs is only permitted on the specific balconies or other areas intended for this purpose from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 7 pm. Dusting is not permitted on Sundays or bank holidays. Do not use your private balcony for dusting or other cleaning purposes. Hanging anything on the balcony rail is prohibited. Hanging laundry to dry inside your private balcony is permitted.


Pets must be kept on a leash outside of flats. Pets must not disturb other tenants or visitors in the building, or foul the building or the area of the property. Animals are not permitted in areas intended for children to play in, or on or near grass.


Each tenant is responsible for the care of their own patio. Neglecting this responsibility will lead to the use of an external service at the tenant´s cost.


The flats are only intended for residential purposes, and they must not be used as office spaces. Quiet hours from 10 pm to 6 am must be observed. Do not disturb other tenants during other times. Tenants are not permitted to have water, sewage, electrical, painting or wallpapering work carried out or to install an antenna outside of the flat without prior consultation with the building manager.

The flat must be kept in good condition. Any water leaks, water damage or other defects detected in the flat must be reported to the facility management company or the VTS-kodit Service Centre without delay.

Tenants are not permitted to change the settings of the air conditioning vents or connect a cooker extractor hood to the ventilation system, as this would affect the ventilation in other flats.

Washing machines and dishwashers must be fitted with an approved air gap before connecting them to the water supply.

Do not deposit any waste in the toilet or other drains that may block the drain pipes, such as sanitary towels, cat litter, food, grease or hazardous waste.

Barbecuing on the balcony of the flat is prohibited. Tenants are also responsible for their visitors.


The official notification of change of address to the register office can be submitted online or by using a form available at post offices and service points.

You must also notify the facility management company when you move in or out.


Violations of the Building Rules and Regulations may lead to liability for damages or termination of tenancy.