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Pest control

In the case of pest control, faster is always better. VTS-kodit actively collaborates with its tenants in pest control matters. After all, tenants´ observations are often the only way we find out about pest issues. If you find or suspect there are pests in your flat, immediately inform VTS-kodit property management of your findings or suspicions on OmaVTS-palvelu.

After you have reported your findings or suspicions, a representative of a pest control company will contact you to agree on measures to identify the pest in your flat, and the time when the pest control measures will be started in your flat. If they find pests in the flat, their occurrence in the building will be investigated, enabling the pest control company to take appropriate measures in all affected areas.

Professional intervention is often the only way to successfully rid a flat or building of pests. To ensure the success of the measures, it is extremely important for tenants to follow the instructions of the pest control company.