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Condition of rental flat checklist

Fill in the electronic form on our OmaVTS-palvelu within two weeks of the effective date of your agreement or return this form VTS-asuntotarkastukset, Puutarhakatu 8, FI-33210 Tampere.


1) Check your flat immediately before you move in and note any defects or shortcomings in this form. This is to make sure that you will not be held liable for any damages caused by the previous tenant. Make sure you sign the form and include your phone number on it!

2) Please return this form to the VTS-kodit office within two weeks of the effective date of your agreement. Unfortunately, we cannot accept forms handed in later than this.

3) VTS-kodit will process all defects and shortcomings listed in the form, but only those that actually impede living in the flat will be rectified. Please also indicate whether repair workers can enter your flat using the master key when you are not at home. A note of any repair works carried out will be left in the flat for your information.

For any defects and shortcomings that develop after you have moved in, please contact your facility management company. You will find the contact details on the noticeboard in the building.