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VTS-kodit for a good life

VTS-kodit is a fair lessor that currently offers reasonably priced homes to almost 17,000 people in Tampere. We value the comfort our flats provide for the everyday lives of our tenants. Our Pisteet Kotiin tenant bonus system offers our customers various benefits for a good life, and we also organise different types of events for our tenants. As the biggest lessor in Tampere, we want to promote better living conditions and smoother everyday life. Whether you are always on the move or prefer staying at home, we can provide you with a flat that best suits your needs!


Flats are offered to future tenats based on their housing applications. Therefor, you will always need to submit an application first. You can fill in a housing application here. Your application will be valid for three months at a time. We will contact you when we can offer you housing that meets your criteria.

You can update your housing application here. If you submit a completely new application, it will replace the previous one.

During the time your application is valid, you will automatically be considered for all vacant flats that meet the criteria set out in your application.

We do not have a queueing system for selecting tenants. Instead, the selection is based on the urgency of the applicant´s housing needs and their search criteria. Therefore, we are unable to provide more precise information on when a flat becomes available. A lease agreement can only be made on the condition that the information provided in the application is true and correct and that the people moving into the flat are the ones named in the application. The offered accommodation is reserved by accepting the offer. The offer includes instructions on how to arrange a viewing. All applicants´ credit information will be checked from the credit register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. The accuracy of address information will be verified from the population register. In most cases, payment default entries do not prevent you from getting housing, but they will affect the form of lease agreement and the amount of security deposit.


Properties built using state-subsidised funding are subject to asset limits. State-subsidised Arava/Ara housing and interest-subsidy rental dwellings are for those who need them the most. We are not able to offer you such housing if your assets exceed the existing limits. However, our housing selection also includes non-subsidised options with no asset limits. Information on a possible asset limit is listed under general information about each property, and all addresses are included in this list.

The municipality determines the maximum asset limits each year. The asset limits depend on the number of members of the applicant household. As of 1 July 2022, the asset limits for ARA state-subsidised rental housing in Tampere are as follows: EUR 60,000 for a household of one, EUR 72,000 for a household of two, EUR 89,000 for a household of three. If there are four or more members in the applicant household, the asset limit is increased by EUR 10,000 for each person in the household.

Please state your assets in your housing application. Even if the exact sum is not known, you should always include a preliminary estimate of your assets in your application.

Assets include, for example, property, shares, and funds. Assets are valued at fair value. Reliable valuations for real estate and residential property can be obtained, for example, from real estate agents. You might also get a valuation for shares in a housing company from the company´s property manager. Certificates for investments in shares and funds can be obtained from the bank managing the portfolio. The amount of debt, including student loans, is deducted from the fair value of the assets. You can obtain a certificate of debt from your bank.


All necessary documents need to be attached to your rental application at the time you receive a housing offer from VTS-kodit. Copies of the following documents are required:

1. Most recent pre-completed tax return (can be found at – mailbox – decisions & letters (show all) – find pre-completed tax return on the list.) An example is available here.

2. Statement of gross income for the last six months (for instance, most recent pay slip or an Incomes Register extract, a pension decision, a decision on taxable benefits issued by Kela, a study certificate, or if you are an entrepreneur, most recent income statement and balance sheet). Individuals – Incomes Register ( We do not accept bank statements. An example Incomes Register extract is available here.

3. If the applicant has assets, such as real estate, shares, funds, etc., we need a statement of the fair value of the assets.

4. A certificate of pregnancy showing the expected due date.

5. A separate account for the uninhabitability of current residence, imminent need to vacate current residence, or receiving a job offer / being admitted to study in the area.

6. For immigrants: proof of your right to reside in Finland and a copy of your passport.

7. If the applicant is a minor, a guardian´s consent to the lease must be provided on a separate form.


You can update your housing application here. Please note that when you use the service for the first time, you will need to register as a new user.


The security deposit is intended as a guarantee that the dwelling will be well cared for and as security for the rent. The deposit will be returned to the tenant approximately one month after the lease agreement has expired. In order to get the deposit back in full, the tenant needs to return all keys, the flat needs to be cleaned and in good condition, and all rent and any outstanding debts need to be paid. The security deposit paid at the time of signing the lease agreement is considered a pre-tenancy agreement, after which the period of notice for terminating the lease is one calendar month.

Security deposits

Studio EUR 650

1 bedroom EUR 680

2 bedrooms EUR 700

3 bedrooms EUR 740

4 bedrooms EUR 770

A deposit of EUR 150 is added to the security deposit for flats with a sauna.

The security deposit will be used primarily to cover the cost of repairing any damage to the flat as well as possible cleaning costs. If there are no additional costs for the landlord, the deposit will be returned to the tenant after the final inspection.


The lease agreement can be easily signed through the Signom e-service. We will send a link to the email address provided by the signatory, allowing them to sign the lease using their online banking codes. If there is more than one party to the lease, each party must sign on its own behalf. Each party will need their own personal email address and online banking codes.

Signing is best done on a computer. It can be difficult, for instance, on a phone because the agreement and attachments need to be read and saved. Signed documents are only kept in the system for 30 days, so we recommend that you save them on your own computer. If you would like to sign your lease agreement in our office, please make an appointment by sending an email to

In order to sign the lease agreement, you need to have paid the security deposit and submitted all documents required on the housing offer for state-subsidised Arava/Ara housing or interest-subsidy rental dwellings. If necessary, a receipt for the paid deposit needs to be presented before signing the lease agreement.

The tenant is free to sign an electricity contract with the electricity company of their choice.

All leases include internet access; more information is available here. You need to register to access the connection for the first time. The instructions for this will be provided upon signing the lease agreement.


The keys for new leases are collected from the VTS-kodit smart locker. It is located in the lobby of K-Supermarket Kuninkaankulma, next to R-kioski. The address is Kuninkaankatu 14. The keys can be picked up on the start date of the lease, at the earliest. To get the keys, you will need a collection code that will be sent to you by email and SMS on the morning of the start date of your lease.

Keys are available for collection during Kuninkaankulma´s opening hours, which you can check here. Someone else may also collect the keys for you if you provide them with the collection code. The code will only be sent to the person who has signed the lease agreement. If there is more than one party to the lease, the message will be sent to the person who is the first applicant on the application. If you would prefer to have the code sent to someone else, please contact our customer service.

More information on keys is available here.


Our varied and abundant range of homes gives you the opportunity to move from one VTS-kodit flat to another, if your life situation changes. When changing flats, it is possible to transfer the security deposit to the new flat under certain conditions.


1. Moving to a flat that becomes available through normal lease termination, in which case the tenant applies for housing with the regular housing application. Applications for exchange are processed in accordance with ARA´s tenant selection guidelines. In addition, the conditions for the exchange must be met. An application for an exchange is valid for three months at a time. You can fill in an application here and update an existing application here.

Conditions for flat exchange:

  • The tenancy has lasted for at least one year.
  • The lease is not fixed-term.
  • The tenant has not been issued any notices or warnings for disturbance.
  • The tenant has not failed to take good care of their flat.
  • The tenant has no rental debt. to VTS-kodit

The landlord reserves the right to accept or reject the exchange.


1. Take a look at options here and fill in an application first.
2. Fill in your requirements as specifically as possible. Also include your reasons for applyin for housing, as we will take into account, for example, urgency.
3. Any housing offers will be sent to you by email and SMS.
4. Arrange a viewing following the instructions in the offer you have received.
5. Accept/reject the offer by letting us know according to the instructions in the offer.
6. Submit all required documents and pay the security deposit.
7. You can sign your lease agreement electronically.
8. Keys can also be collected from the smart locker in the evenings or at weekends.

Fill in a housing application