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Pisteet kotiin tenant bonus system

What is the Pisteet Kotiin tenant bonus system?
Our Pisteet kotiin tenant bonus system is a bonus system for VTS-kodit tenants. It rewards long-term tenants and encourages everyone to participate in activities for tenants that improve their living comfort.

Spending points
You can spend your Pisteet kotiin tenant bonus points on having your flat renovated or purchasing materials for DIY renovation works. You can also use them to improve the standard of equipment in your flat.

For more information on spending your tenant bonus points on home improvement, decoration, furniture and household appliance or safety equipment installations and services, please click here.

Spending points to moving service when moving from VTS-apartment to another VTS-apartment, information here.

Redeeming points
You can order a voucher from the service centre after you have collected a minimum of 1,000 tenant bonus points. To redeem your points, you must have paid all your due payments. The voucher is valid in our partner companies that are listed in this file.To work out the monetary value of your tenant bonus points, use the following formula: your points divided by 111, multiplied by 5. Example: 1,000 points / 111 * 5 = EUR 45.05.

The voucher is valid for one month from the date of its signature, and it must be spent in one go. Unused vouchers cannot be refunded.

The vouchers can be used at Ikea Lahdesjärvi, K-Rauta Lielahti and K-Rauta Nekala, Gigantti Kaleva and Gigantti Lielahti.

Terms and conditions for redeeming points
Redeeming your tenant bonus points requires you to have paid all your rental and other payments due to VTS-kodit. Your points balance will be reset if the lessor terminates your tenancy agreement on grounds attributable to you.

When you move out of your VTS-kodit flat, you can spend your tenant bonus points within three months of the termination of your tenancy agreement. After that, your points balance will be reset.

Collecting points
You will earn tenant bonus points by living in a VTS-kodit flat, paying your rent on time and participating in the residents´ committee, for example. Only those who have signed a tenancy agreement can collect points. You can collect points from the date of your enrolment in the system onwards, and only for full calendar months that you live in a VTS-kodit flat. You cannot earn points retrospectively.

For more detailed information on how to collect tenant bonus points and how many points you can earn for each activity, please refer to this table. You can check your own points balance in OmaVTS-palvelu.

Enrolling in the tenancy bonus system
Starting from 1 May 2011, all new tenants have been automatically added to the Pisteet Kotiin tenant bonus system when they signed their tenancy agreement (unless they have opted out of the system).

General information on the points
VTS-kodit reserves the right to make changes to the tenancy bonus point system. The bonus system is developed in collaboration with the tenants´ representatives. The bonus points do not generate taxable income, and the system is not in conflict with any housing allowance or other income transfers you may receive. Due to reasons related to taxation, the bonus cannot be paid out in cash.