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Paying your rent (water, parking space, sauna, reservations)

Your rent for each month is due on the 5th day of the month. The due date cannot be changed, but it can be postponed temporarily if you have a justified reason to request it. If the rent is not paid on the due date at the latest, VTS-kodit will send a reminder with added collection charges of EUR 5 and a penalty interest as defined in the applicable law. Penalty interest is billed twice a year. If you have trouble paying your rent on time, contact our service centre in a timely manner to agree on a postponed payment date.

Remember to use your reference number when paying your rent. If you haven´t received your personal reference number, indicate your name and address in the payment information.

Charges for utilities (valid from 1 March 2023)
Sauna reservation EUR 18 per month
Parking space from EUR 20 per month
Parking space in a car shelter from EUR 28 per month

Garage 7e/m2/month

Parking spaces depending on electricity consumption 25-38e/month plus electricity

Advance payments for water rates depend on the type of the flat:
1 room EUR 20 per month
2 rooms EUR 35 per month
3 rooms EUR 45 per month
4 rooms EUR 65 per month
5 rooms EUR 75 per month
6+ rooms EUR 80 per month

Water prices per cubic metre for balance invoicing, valid from 1 March 2023:
Cold water EUR 4.24 per cubic metre
Hot water EUR 9.22 per cubic metre