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On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions.


How can I get flat?
Take a look at our housing option on our website.

Please note that flats marked as vacant or becoming vacant may have already been offered to new tenants. All flats will be offered to new tenants as soon as we get the lease termination notice. When a housing offer is accepted, the unit will be removed from the list of vacant flats.

You cannot get a flat without submitting a housing application. You can apply for housing here. When you have submitted your application, please wait. We will contact you when we can offer you housing. You can find more information on applying for housing here.

How can I view a flat that is listed as vacant?

Only the person who has received an offer for the flat can go for a viewing. We don´t arrange open house viewings except for new or fully renovated buildings. We will post information about these viewings on our website.

What is the status of my application? How many people are there ahead of me in the queue?

There is no queueing system for our flats. Instead, the selection is made among all applicants, taking into account the urgency of the applicant´s housing needs. It is not possible to get updates on the status your application. By submitting a housing application, you are automatically considered for all vacant flats that meet your criteria.

Can I modify my housing application after submitting it?

Yes, you can. You can update your housing application here. Please note that when you use the service for the first time, you will need to register as a new user.

How long is my housing application valid for?

Your housing application is valid for three months at a time.

When your housing application is about to expire, you will be sent a reminder with a link to renew your application. A new email message will inform you about the new expiry date. If you don´t renew your application, it will be deleted from our system.

What do asset limits mean?

Properties built using state-subsidised funding are subject to asset limits. State-subsidised Arava/Ara housing and interest-subsidy rental dwellings are for those who need them the most. We are not able to offer you such housing if your assets exceed the existing limits. However, our housing selection also includes non-subsidised options with no asset limits. Always include a preliminary estimate of your assets in your application even if the exact sum is not known.

You can read more about asset limits as well as the assets and liabilities statement here.


Can I pay my rent in cash?
You can pay your rent in cash at the cash register services of the City of Tampere at Frenckellinaukio 2. VTS-kodit do not have their own cash register services. The cash register services do not have access to your tenancy information, which is why you must know the exact sum you wish to pay. You will also have to present your rental invoice with your reference number.

Can I postpone the due date of my rent?
The due date cannot be changed, but it can be postponed temporarily if you have a justified reason to request it. Send an email to or call us.

Why did I receive a reminder if I had agreed upon the payment of my rent later than on the fifth day of the month? Is it obligatory to pay the collection charges included in the reminder?
Your rent for each month is due on the 5th day of the month. The due date cannot be changed. If you receive a reminder, you must pay the collection charge of EUR 5 even if you have agreed on a payment schedule. We also charge a penalty interest as defined in the applicable law. Penalty interest is billed twice a year.

How do I request an electronic bill to be sent to my online bank?
– Sign an electronic billing contract with your online bank (or at your banking office).
– Please select Tampereen Vuokratalosäätiö, Vilusen Rinne Vuokra-asunnot Oy or Annalan Vuokra-asunnot Oy as invoicer/lessor according to your tenancy agreement.
– Enter the reference number of your rental payment (do not use the reference number of your rental security deposit) as the identification code.
– From now on, you will receive your rental bill as an electronic bill directly to your online bank each month (please note that you must request the electronic bill on the 20th day of the current month to receive electronic bills starting from the following month).
– This process is also referred to as direct payment.

How does advance payment of water charge and balance billing work in practice?
If your flat is equipped with a flat-specific water meter, you will receive a balance bill according to your actual water consumption twice a year. If you have used more water than you have paid for in the advance payments, you will receive a balance bill to cover the excess. If you have used less water than you have paid for in the advance payments, you will receive a credit notification. You can either deduct the credit from your next rental payment, or it can be refunded to your bank account. In order for the credit to be refunded, you must have no overdue rental payments. Remember to give your bank details to the service centre for the refund.

Can I have the excess of advance payment of water charge refunded to my bank account automatically?
We can only refund the credit to your bank account if you request it after you have received the credit notification.

Housing allowance
You do not need to attach a copy of your tenancy agreement, information on renovation works or a report on the rental price to your application for housing allowance. Kela receives this information electronically from VTS-kodit.

You can submit your application for housing allowance electronically at VTS-kodit requires that the general housing allowance or housing allowance for pensioners is paid directly to the lessor.


Dishwasher installation

We offer our tenants the installation of their dishwasher and the dishwasher leak pan free of charge. You can book the installation of your dishwasher when you move in or if you already live in a VTS-kodit flat and you buy a new dishwasher by signing in OmaVTS-palvelu. The dishwasher will be installed within 15 business days of booking the work.

Before booking the installation, please read the following notice regarding matters to consider before installation.

If you detect any shortcomings or defects in the installation, please inform the property management immediately in OmaVTS-palvelu or call 0201 277 277. Make sure that the dishwasher is ready to be installed according to the instructions available here.

How do I report a fault?
If you have any technical problems related to your flat or building, please contact the facility management company of your building (click the link and select your address) or the block caretaker. You will also find their contact information on the noticeboard in the building and/or the front door.

I have just moved in and my name is not yet on the door. Who should I contact?
Submit a notice of moving in to the facility management company of your building. You can do it on OmaVTS-palvelu or a paper form available online or from the facility management company or VTS-kodit. Put the form in the facility management company´s letterbox in your building. Your name will be added to your door and letterbox according to the notification.

It is cold/hot in my flat. Who should I contact to fix it?
Please contact the building manager. You will find the contact information on OmaVTS-palvelu, our website under the relevant building, on the noticeboard in the building and on the front door.

The cooker/hob/refrigerator in my flat is broken. What should I do?
Please contact your VTS-kodit facility management company. You will find the contact information on OmaVTS-palvelu, our website under the relevant building, on the noticeboard in the building and on the front door.

The toilet or another plumbing fixture is leaking. What should I do?
Please contact your VTS-kodit facility management company. You will find the contact information on OmaVTS-palvelu,our website under the relevant building, on the noticeboard in the building and on the front door.

I suspect that there are pests in my flat. What should I do?
If you suspect that there are pests in your flat, please contact VTS-kodit property management immediately. Click here for more information.

I suspect that there is water damage in my flat. What should I do?
If you suspect water damage or other defects or shortcomings in the condition of your flat, please contact the facility management company. You will find their contact information on OmaVTS-palvelu, our websites or on the noticeboard in the building and/or the front door.


How can I enrol in the Pisteet Kotiin tenant bonus system?
All tenants who signed their tenancy agreements after 1 May 2011 are automatically enrolled in the Pisteet Kotiin tenant bonus system, unless they have explicitly opted out.


Where can I find my tenant bonus point balance, and information on how I can collect and spend the points?
More information on the Pisteet Kotiin tenant bonus system you can find here (only in Finnish). You can also check your tenant bonus point balance in OmaVTS-palvelu.

How can I collect tenant bonus points?
You will earn bonus points by living in a VTS-kodit flat, paying your rent on time, for having a home insurance policy (send the information to us and for participating in the residents committee.


Left your keys at home?
Please contact your facility management company. You will find the contact information on OmaVTS-palvelu, our website under the relevant building, on the noticeboard in the building and on the front door. Be prepared to prove your identity. Please note that the facility management companies are entitled to charge you for opening the door. The price list is available on the noticeboard in the building.

Lost your key?
If you have lost the key to your home, you can have a new one made at Aseman Lukko. You must be a party to the tenant agreement and prove your identity to be able to have a new key made. Pay for the key directly to Aseman Lukko when you collect it.

I would like to have additional keys to my VTS-kodit flat. Where can I get them?
Tenants can order new keys directly from Aseman Lukko Oy. For contact details, please click here. You must pay for the key when you order it, and you can collect the key at Aseman Lukko when it is ready. Please be prepared to prove your identity.

I want to make a sauna reservation/cancel my sauna reservation. Who should I contact?
The facility management company manages sauna reservations. You will find the contact information on our website under the relevant building, on OmaVTS-palvelu, on the noticeboard in the building and on the front door. After you have made your sauna reservation, our service centre will send new bills that include the sauna fee.

Where can I enquire about a parking space?
You can check the availability of parking spaces on our website by clicking here. Please contact the VTS-kodit customer service by OmaVTS-palvelu. After you have reserved your parking space, we will send you new bills that include the parking space fee and your key to the electrical outlet of your parking space.

Generally, one parking space per flat is available, because we must ensure that a parking space can be guaranteed for each tenant if the building has a sufficient number of parking spaces available. If there are vacant parking spaces available, you can also rent an additional space. If the demand grows later, a tenant with several parking spaces will have to give up their additional spaces for a tenant who does not have a parking space. The tenants of the building are prioritised in the allocation of the parking spaces.

Where do I get the key to my parking space?
The key will be sent to you by post after you have made the reservation. If you want an additional key or need to replace a lost key, please contact our customer service.

Where do I get the key to the laundry room?
You can collect your key to the laundry room from the VTS-kodit customer service. If you cannot collect it yourself, you can authorise another person to fetch it for you by granting them power of attorney.

How do I receive and return the keys?
You can collect your keys (flat, rented facilities, parking space, gym, etc.) from the customer service and return the keys there. For contact information, please click here.


I want to renovate my flat. What should I do?
Contact VTS-kodit property management by OmaVTS-palvelu or sending an email to or calling them on business days between 9 am and 12 noon.

I already live in a VTS-kodit flat. Can I move to another VTS-kodit flat?
You can apply for another flat by filling in a change of flat application here. We will contact you if we find a suitable flat. Your application is valid for three months, and you can renew it by contacting the customer service, if you wish.


Where can I check the information regarding my tenancy?
To check your own information, please sign in to OmaVTS-palvelu. There you can see the status of your rental payments, submit a notification of moving in/out and terminate your tenancy.

How do I get my user credentials for the OmaVTS-palvelu?

1. You will need your online banking codes when you register for the service. In the future, you will only need your email address and password to log in.
2. Your username is your email address and you can choose your password when you register to use the service.
3. Click here to access the OmaVTS service.

Please note that any old e-service login details you may have created before November 2022 will not work in the OmaVTS service.

What kind of broadband/internet connection is included in the rent in VTS-kodit?
Elisa is the service provider that provides the broadband connection and cable TV to all VTS-kodit buildings except for those in Vuores. The rent includes the monthly fee for a 100MB broadband connection; faster connections are available at your own cost. If your flat has an Ethernet connection, you won´t need a modem. If you have a VDSL connection, you can buy a modem from Elisa, for example.

In Vuores, a 100/100MB connection provided by DNA is included in the rent. The connection is available to tenants without the need for a separate subscription or registration.

How do I start using the internet connection?
To start using the broadband connection included in your rent, please register on the Elisa website at, at an Elisa shop or by calling 0800 98323. In Vuores, please contact DNA by calling 0800 550 044. For additional services (such as entertainment or email services) provided by Elisa or other operators and matters related to the use of the internet connection, please contact the relevant internet operator.

Who should I contact for support in the case of defaults?
In the case of faults, please contact the internet operator. You can call Elisa: 010 190 240 (mobile call charge/local network charge) or contact Elisa´s booking services. In Vuores, please contact DNA´s customer service.


What kind of policy for flag-flying does VTS-kodit follow?
VTS-kodit will fly the flag at their premises on official and established flag days.

What should I do if I wish to fly the flag half-mast for a deceased person?
You can fly the flag half-mast for a deceased relative who lived in a VTS-kodit flat on the day of their death or funeral. The relatives of the deceased can inform the facility management company or service centre of the date.

Can I fly the flag on my special day?
If you wish to fly the flag on your special day, you can do it at your own cost. Please book the service directly from the facility management company.


How can I sign my tenancy agreement electronically?
If you are renewing your tenancy agreement or signing a new tenancy agreement, you can do it electronically. The tenancy service sends a link to the email address that you have provided. Click the link and sign the agreement using your online banking credentials. Each person who signs the agreement needs their own email address and personal online banking credentials. If there are several parties to the tenancy agreement, each party must sign the tenancy agreement for their part.

It is most convenient to use a computer for signing. You must read and save the agreement and its annexes, which may make it difficult to do this on your mobile phone. The signed documents are retained in the service only for a period of 30 days, which is why we recommend saving them on your own computer. If you wish to sign your tenancy agreement electronically, please send an email to


How do I terminate my tenancy?
You can terminate your tenancy electronically by signing in to the electronic services using your credentials. If there are two or more parties to the agreement who wish to terminate their tenancy, each person must use their own credentials. You can also print the notice of termination of tenancy from our website or collect a form from the service centre and return it to us.

Remember that the notice period for terminating your tenancy is one calendar month. Make sure you submit your notice of termination of tenancy in good time. You can terminate your tenancy to end in the middle of a calendar month or at the end of month. Example 1: If you terminate your tenancy agreement on or before the 15th day of the month, your tenancy will terminate on the 15th day of the following month, or at a later date, if you wish. Example 2: If you terminate your tenancy by the last day of the month, you will be liable to pay the rent for at least the following month.

What should I consider when moving out?
Please refer to the instructions for tenants moving out and instructions for cleaning when moving out.

How long does it take before the rental security deposit is returned?
Your rental security deposit will be returned to you about one month after the termination of your tenancy agreement. You flat will be inspected, and if everything is in order (i.e. there is nothing to repair or clean after you have left, you have returned your keys and paid your rent), your rental security deposit will be returned in full. If your flat needs to be repaired or cleaned after you have moved out, we will wait for the invoices for these services before we can process your rental security deposit.


What is the Lyyti system?
Lyyti is the reservation system that VTS-kodit use. We use the system to manage registrations for various events and training courses organised for tenants. Information on future events and registration links can be found here.

Have you got a chat service?
You will see a chat window on our site at when the chat service is available. The availability of the chat service depends on the number of people talking to us via chat, email, on the phone or at the customer service desk at our office. Please note that some matters cannot be handled via chat because we must be able to identify the customer.


What proportion of the expenses of VTS-kodit does the City of Tampere finance?
The City of Tampere does not finance any proportion of VTS-kodit´s expenses. In some cases, the City guarantees VTS-kodit´s loans.

How much does VTS-kodit pay as dividends or interest to the City of Tampere?
VTS-kodit does not pay any dividends to the City. For loans that are not amortised, VTS-kodit has paid an annual interest of four per cent for the past 30 years.